Far more detailed Reprint:

About me:

I am a 54 yr old Australian woman, who is married with adult children.   I have walked closely with the Lord for 30 years (since 1982).   I grew up in an atheist family, but after crying out desperately & sincerely with “a promise to totally serve & follow whoever the Source is who created all that is good & who put the cry in my heart for the perfect love I so desperately want to receive & give out to others”, Jesus revealed Himself to me in an amazing supernatural encounter.    He taught me day & night for 9 months before sending me to a ‘church’ so I knew him in a very intimate way, & He told me to read the bible.    A month prior to the Lord finally sending me to attend ‘church’ He baptised me in the Holy Spirit which changed & empowered me in a huge way & increased my hunger & understanding of the bible.    Though I have experienced an amazing walk with the Lord & many wonderful supernatural encounters with Him, I have throughout most of it also suffered many more severe prolonged traumas than other sincere western Christians that I knew, so I have rarely had anyone to relate to in either way throughout my 30 years & so have had to cling to the Lord & learn how to let Him teach me & carry me throughout.    I still have much growing to do, & still need healing to manifest.    The Lord has not yet released me to do full-time public ministry, & has only now allowed me to begin releasing these hundreds of Prophetic Words publicly in this 2nd half of 2012.    The ministry the Lord is calling me to is not only using prophetic gifts for teaching & preparing Christians in knowledge for these end times but is especially to encourage & see the weary, discouraged & broken-hearted strengthened & healed in every area of their lives.


For over 2 1/2years from 7th April 2009 the Lord began waking me by dictating hundreds of Prophetic Words to help teach, encourage & prepare us for these Last Days that we are in & for the future times quickly approaching.   This internet site is to share them & any others since then.  This is just 1 of 3 sites I have.   (Information on the others on bottom of page.)

Testimony: How This Prolific Prophetic Season Began:

These particular Supernatural Encounters & Prophetic Words began with a Challenge!
Just over 3 yrs ago (March 2009) the Lord suddenly gave me a very confronting decision to make…..

He said loudly & clearly: “Either I’m a liar or you’ve missed Me.  PICK ONE!”

Everyday for approx 5 weeks He clearly spoke this same confronting challenge to me.

He also made it very clear that though we think we believe Him, that if we really did then His Church would not be in so much lack, & suffering so much heartache because He has given us so much more of Himself than we have known how to receive.   He revealed that we are struggling because of lack of intimate knowledge of His heart & His ways, & of His goodness, kindness, power & authority… for us, in us & through us, that He is longing for us to learn & flourish in, & He is even now beginning to raise up many to help prepare His Bride to be made ready!

Why God’s Challenge Began:

Too little of mine & other Christian’s lives did not line up with the bible.   I had felt God’s longing for His Church to know Him more intimately & to know how to walk in His ways for nearly 3 decades, but though I had experienced many wonderful miracles & supernatural encounters over the years, I was desperate to understand why there was an absurd amount of unnecessary trauma & heartache in so many Christians lives, including my own.   Though everything is not supposed to be easy & we need to grow in character & have our faith purified so as to become like gold, the Lord had made it clear that He hated much of the trauma that we suffer, so I was desperate to understand what was really going on.

 I wasn’t interested in anyone’s opinion but God’s opinion & now He’d suddenly began to speak this clear confrontational challenge to me each & every day for approx 5 weeks.

   Maybe He decided I was finally desperate enough to be really willing to throw away my old wrong concepts, but whatever the reason was He had finally spoken by bringing forth this challenge which caused me to face head-on how willing I really was to accept what God wanted to tell me at this time… including correction, guidance, doctrine/concept/mindset changes as well as a far deeper relationship with God on a different level.  

I had to be willing & made ready to hear all that the Lord was about to tell me because these very clear instructional messages were not just for me, but were to be shared throughout His Body, without me having any agendas or any unwillingness to hear all that He was about to say to me.


  To ensure that I would consider the seriousness of His challenge the Lord brought it to me not just once for me to consider in a quick fairly shallow way, but instead spoke this exact challenge to me every day for 5 weeks so He could continually dig progressively deeper into my heart & soul to prepare me to be able to hear & receive what He wanted to share at this time.

The Dream : Part 1 of the Teaching Process

So the teaching began!   It started with a long Dream where I saw the very real & intense onslaughts of demonic realm at work against us… to rob, kill & destroy us.   It beats us up, obstructs us & exhausts us if we don’t have the knowledge & revelation we need to walk in Christ’s victory & overcoming power.

To read the dream go to “DREAM: HOW THE DEMONIC ATTACKS US & HOW TO OVERCOME” (Click Here)

So lesson 1 through the dream was facing the reality of the Spiritual Battle & how to overcome by knowing our authority in Christ & wearing our shield of faith.    Since we need our faith & hearts healed & nurtured & our minds renewed the Lord then chose to help us by speaking words of love, teaching, guidance & encouragement via dictation through these many Prophetic Words.

Dictating Prophetic Words: Part 2 of The Teaching Process

Soon after on 7th April 2009 began a period of over 2 1/2 yrs of very regularly being woken by  hearing the Lord’s voice speaking out Prophetic Words for me to write down.   I wrote down each word as He spoke it.  I also received many dreams & visions & some wonderful supernatural encounters in that space of time.

How were these ‘dictated’ to me? How is this different?

Though I received some of these Prophetic Words when I was awake, the vast majority were spoken to me by being woken to hear them in the night hours.   As I was waking by hearing the Lord speak I would immediately pick up my notebook & pen & write exactly each word I heard Him say.  He would speak only a few words to me at a time & as soon as I had almost finished writing the last part down I would hear Him speaking the next few words, & so on, but He did not wait for me for He expected me to keep up with Him.   Each word is so clear & specific that its as clear & almost the same as hearing God’s audible voice.

He would repeat those first words He’d woken me with only occasionally when He considered that I was too asleep at first to reasonably be able to hold them in my mind & write them down accurately before he continued speaking His message, but after that I was expected to choose total alertness & keep up as He spoke at a rate which He considered adequately slow enough.

I confess that I missed the first few words of approx 2 Prophetic Words (that I know of).   I confess that I even dozed back into sleep towards the end of a few different Prophetic Words just for a few moments here or there, but the Lord did not repeat the few words that I had missed each time, so we all missed out.

The fact that the Lord did not repeat the parts I missed Him say is because He will not pander to our flesh.  He had done all to prepare my heart to be hungry enough to listen intently & to obey Him by writing down each word He spoke accurately, which was a huge privilege & responsibility, & it was up to me to choose to keep that fire burning in me with a heart of desperation for Him & all He had to say.


He will not encourage us to be careless & to remain as babies, but requires us to repent & to get serious about learning His ways instead of expecting Him to conform to ours.   We have the choice every moment to give in to our flesh & to miss God, or not, & when we do we will miss what He is offering.

Though I hungered for God & His Words & loved Him waking me to speak to me & teach me, there were a few rare times that I did not choose to be alert enough when I indulged the tiredness of my mind & body instead of being 100% hungry only for the Lord, & it was in these few rare moments when the longing for sleep crept in just enough for me to begin to doze off again & I would miss a few words in a sentence that the Lord had spoken.  

All Prophetic Words are important, but these dictated Prophetic Words are a huge privilege to be given, & since I was entrusted with much there was much that was expected of me by the Lord.     Since the Lord considered every word He spoke to be important enough to be carefully dictated to be written down & shared with His Church, then this was a terrible carelessness on my part.

When Christians receive the usual type of Prophetic Word its usually hearing a combination of some specific words &/or phrases combined with getting revelations, visions, impressions, insight etc etc & so though the meaning of the message is always to be clear & correct, the entire message is not often received through only hearing exact dictation of every last word, especially when the message is longer than just a few sentences long.       The words we speak in giving usual prophecy is mostly the use of our own words describing what we are seeing in a vision combined with speaking out revelations & impressions we are receiving, mixed with a number of specific words or phrases we have clearly heard.   Often we are also feeling God’s heart & His intentions or concerns about a person, people groups or situations, so we are also speaking out what the Lord has revealed in our heart.

I would not dare suggest I heard everything perfectly, however I feel very confident that the vast majority should be quite exact, because I heard God speak very clearly & I had no idea what He was about to tell me next after each few words. I am still always amazed at how the Lord caused me to hear Him so clearly, but we are going to all have to start expecting the miraculous far more in everyday life because God can do anything.

The Lord is not after super-christians, just hungry reliant Christians who know how desperately we need Him, so we must keep asking Him to cause us to be hungrier & more humbly reliant upon Him & He will answer this prayer, but this will require Him to remove every obstruction (that we may have resisted letting go of).

God’s Challenge – Are We Really Willing To Lay down Our Human Reasoning, Wrong Teaching & Understanding?

So often we think we are sold out to God but we are locked into certain ideas about Him, about ourselves, about what Christianity is & how to walk it out, so we too often “miss God” because our understanding, human reasoning, mindsets, fears, wounds etc block our ears & close our eyes, hearts & minds to what He is saying to us.    We can be closed off to or be afraid of believing differently to what our family, ‘church’, or culture generally accepts & teaches to be ‘truth’, even when it is not working.    This can even be a result of trying to be humble & submissive to our Christian elders, & trying to walk in the fruit of the Spirit believing that we just have to be more patient & long suffering as we wait for God to change the things that need changing, without realising what our part is in that because we have been taught wrongly, which is why we are not seeing God’s will being done.

We can so often be presuming that the words of the Bible must mean something other than what God is saying, & it can take a lot of persuading that we have understood wrongly.    We may believe scriptures mean what lines up with our experience, instead of finding out why our experience isn’t lining up with the Bible.

Though the Lord showed me this as a young Christian & I had always cried out for God to cause myself & the whole Body of Christ to break free from these limitations & mindsets there is always much further that we have to go, & we have to continue to be made ready to listen, hear & heed what God is saying in each stage of that progression.

I was desperate & thought I was desperate enough for many years, but we don’t realise where & to what degree we have settled for beliefs & mindsets which have locked God out.    No matter what wonderful revelations & experiences we have had & how intimate we have been with God, we must ask God to take us much much further so as to be set fully free!   WE MUST MOVE ON & NOT GET STUCK!!!

Though correct doctrine is extremely important & these Prophetic Words address the basics of these, the Lord is seeking for us to be humble & acknowledge that we have all missed Him to some extent & to seek to grow in Him & not just grow in knowledge which can puff us up.    He wants us to live out what we know by walking closely with Him!

The Preparation To Open Our Hearts & Minds So We Would Seek, Listen & Heed God’s Words:

Immediately when I heard God’s confrontational challenge to me, I knew He is no liar so I had to acknowledge that I had “missed Him”, but I had no idea where or to what degree.    I confess I didn’t like the term He used when He said I’d ”missed” Him, as it seemed too extreme, considering the closeness with which I had walked with Him….. but He doesn’t want it minimized, for it is too important that we move forth into full freedom!  Though I desperately wanted to grow & be corrected, the Lord revealed that we don’t realise how much we would prefer to have our understanding only slightly modified to suit us rather than totally exchanging it if necessary.

So our sincere desperation for God & His truth has to be very intense to be really willing to hear God’s very intense correction.    If we’re only willing to hear slight modifications, then that is the most we will hear.    We have to choose to hear what God wants us to hear, instead of only being willing to hear what we want to be the truth when it fits into our already determined doctrines &/or makes sense to our human reasoning.

I’d been a passionate & hungry Christian for 3 decades, so acknowledging that I needed to be so intensely corrected in some areas after having sought God so fervently for so long definitely was a shock that hurt.   This initial shock quickly disappeared after the first time of confrontation & my desperation to be totally corrected & taught rightly by God quickly became an intense longing that consumed each & every day. I cried out constantly to God to awaken my heart & mind & to teach me.

God made it clear that this was not just a problem in my life but throughout His Church.   He was saying we have all “missed Him” to some extent & there is far more we urgently need to understand in these times so as to be ready for all that is changing & about to change massively in the world.  

 This world is beginning to be tipped upside down & will have very little resemblance to what we have known, & our old understanding is far too limited & unbalanced to hold us steady so as to not be shaken in the many shakings to come.   So we must grow…. & quickly!

So God is putting forth this challenge……. Are we willing to humble ourselves enough to acknowledge we have missed Him, & be willing to “seek Him humbly with ALL our hearts to really find Him” in fullness & hear what He has to say.    Are we really willing to make the exchange?


Nothing that I have stated to be a “dictated Prophetic Word” was only an impression, strong feeling, or revelation. Some of these Prophetic Words also contained some sections within them which were specifically for or about only a specific person or group, so I simply edited out those parts which are not for general knowledge


True Prophetic Teaching & Words from God do not come from our own thoughts, reasoning & agendas, so if we are only hearing the things we already believe or think we already know, then our hearts & ears are closed to some extent at least, for there is always more He is wanting to teach us, & in far greater depth.

God wants us to seek His face, & re-check our bible to see if our current understanding of it may be wrong or too limiting.    All Prophetic Words & teaching from God should encourage us, but that does not mean it is just to make us feel better, for it should also challenge us & what we really believe so we can realign where necessary!    The hungry humble heart is always encouraged by this opportunity to grow in Christ & move forward!

Through these Prophetic Words the Lord teaches truths in balance with other truths, & fits them together… always stabilised on the foundation of our love relationship with the Source Himself….. with Him remaining as our Goal.   He teaches what so many don’t understand well…. which is the need for us to know who He is & who we now are so we can stand with God….  standing our ground against all darkness, & fight from the place of Victory but NEVER fighting for victory because Jesus already won that in full !    Even when speaking about Spiritual Warfare the Lord teaches us to stay in His ‘rest’ & not lose focus from being on Jesus & on His full victory achieved on the Cross!

God NEVER condemns or discourages His children, so when He corrects He is lovingly helping us.  He challenges wrong attitudes such as complacency, fear, shame coldness of heart etc.   He challenges false, unbalanced & limited concepts & beliefs so we will grow & be changed into the likeness of Christ.   If we’re hungry we will want to be challenged & changed.

He wants us prepared & steady for these days & the rapidly changing days ahead!  He wants the knowledge of Him & His ways made far clearer, for though His written Word is perfect & teaches us, we are sometimes not sure exactly how to apply some things to everyday life. Though He has spoken & continues to speak thru His indisputable & unchanging Written Word, He has not stopped speaking & He continues to do so also by His Holy Spirit, which is why Jesus went up so Holy Spirit could come down & teach us.

We must be careful to follow Christ & not men. NB  When you believe others are teaching wrongly pray for them… bless them & do not curse them with your heart or lips for these are your brothers in Christ whom Jesus died for & loves.   You cannot trust what you believe or think you know if your heart has hatred, arrogance, & unrighteous judgement in it instead of love for your brothers.  1 John 2:11 – “But anyone who hates a brother or sister is in the darkness & walks around in the darkness.  They do not know where they are going, because the darkness has blinded them.”

How These Prophetic Words Helped Me & Will Help You!

They give a deeper understanding of numerous Scriptures. They teach more about the Lord’s heart/concerns & ways. They give some more understanding of future times… helping us be prepared. They encourage, are sobering, & offer tools to remove roadblocks, traps & deadwood from the path God has destined for us.  They teach ways to pray, decree, make declarations with the authority we have in Christ.  The extra understanding & encouragement enables us to persevere more.  We learn how to participate with God in changing things. We are reassured of God’s love, care & faithfulness.  They have helped me get some wonderful breakthroughs.

I am still persevering to overcome in many other areas to get the breakthrough that God wants for me & my family, church & town, but the Lord is very encouraging… constantly reminding us that we are not to focus on what we see with our natural eyes but to keep our eyes on Him & on what Jesus did on the cross…. persevering in faith until we take possession of the promised land (promises) that God has already given us.

Please Humbly & Sincerely Ask God for His Discernment!

Its important that readers be discerning so as to tell that which is a true ‘Prophetic Word’ from the Lord, whether dictated or not.  As I said before, true Prophetic Words will not come from a person’s own thoughts or opinions or with any agenda.

Often we think we are discerning correctly because we agree or disagree with an opinion or thought, but if we want to live by God’s Spirit, we have to grow past that.

  To discern rightly we must desperately long to hear God’s opinion above our own or other’s opinions that we have previously chosen to rely on.   We need to listen to His voice in our spirit & search the Bible with a listening ear & humble hungry heart.

A Prophetic Word from the Lord is not the same as a psychic word or fortune telling, which comes from the Deceiver (satan, who often mixes truths with lies to deceive people).   A Dictated Prophetic Word is not the same as occult ‘Automatic Handwriting’ but is simply a more detailed Prophetic Word that the Lord speaks a few words at a time giving enough time so they can be written down.  The Bible was clearly written by the Holy Spirit dictating what He wanted written down through many different people, so this is perfectly normal, & anything else He dictates or speaks in any way will line up with the Bible.

Satan does indeed copy & counterfeit Gods ways, but he cannot create anything.  When God speaks it is always to lead us closer to Him, to encourage us in the knowledge of His love, ways & character, & to lead us into all truth.  

As with any so-called ‘Prophetic Words’, please read these with a prayerful heart & ask the Lord to cause you to use His discernment.   It is important that we all know our Bible well, & that we check any so-called ‘prophetic word’ (or teaching) to be in alignment with the Christian Holy Bible. Every true Christian Bible, is one in which the New Testament is always centred around the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Him being the only begotten Son of God who took human form to give himself up to be crucified on the Cross at Calvary as an atonement for our sins.

Please do not ask me for a personal Prophetic Word as I will not be doing this.   I do encourage every Believer to seek the Lord for themselves with ALL their heart…. not just for answers & for guidance, but mostly to get to know Him.  Ask Him to help you to do this!  Ask Him to teach you!   These Prophetic Words will help & encourage you with that.   As we worship Him & lay our hearts & lives before Him with no agendas or opinions, but simply to honour Him & to give joy to His Heart, we will find we will get to know Him better & will hear Him far more clearly.

Keeping our focus on Him & His desires, meditating on Bible scriptures, & praying in tongues regularly always causes us to hear Him better.  Too many neglect using the powerful gift of their heavenly language.  I always have found the way opened to hear far more clearly from the Lord when I speak often each day in my Heavenly language.   I receive & remember far more dreams from the Lord after praying in tongues for quite a while before bed also.   Singing in tongues helps to do this, & we will often know the added joy of finding we are singing to a wonderful tune as we do so that came from heaven.  The more you do this the better & easier it becomes, & IT WILL clear the way to hear & see better!

IMPORTANT FINAL NOTE: “Missing God” in the Basics : Not Understanding a Father/Child relationship with Perfect Daddy-God

The Lord longs for us to know how deeply He cherishes us & how He longs for our fellowship & interaction with Him.   He longs for us to understand that our main purpose is to get to know Him intimately & learn how to interact with Him in daily life as part of His Family.   He wants us to understand that we are His beloved children, & not a tool in His hand to be used.   He doesn’t ‘use’ us like a tool to accomplish a purpose, but is our Father who wants us to participate with Him in what He is doing… to journey & partner with Him.   He never sends us off somewhere to do “a job”, but rather is asking us to travel with Him daily to where He wants to take us, so He can work through us, in us & for us as we journey together & enjoy each other in the process… with us simply following His lead.

Its an exchange of our limited faulty lacking life, for a wonderful life….. where we get to intimately interact with & journey through life with God Almighty the Creator of the universe as our own amazing Dad.   In that amazing process we also get to learn who we really are now & how God sees us all as so precious to Him.   Its an adventure of love, not a job!!!

So that’s a big part of what dying to self means… its not losing yourself, because Daddy-God made you special & unique because He wanted you, & He thinks you’re so valuable that He sent His own son to die for you so you could agree to be His child & get to be intimately close with Him.   So its just laying down the ‘self-life’……. the arrogance, agendas, human reasoning & self-seeking… all the things that dishonour & hurt God, ourselves & others, & which just cause loss for us all.    Its letting Him be the Dad… a perfect, generous, fun, wise, caring, loving, protecting & exciting Dad who wants to enjoy setting you free in every way so you can thrive in being who He created you to be!   This perfect Dad wants you to love Him & delight in His amazing goodness, kindness, wisdom & power, which includes honouring, respecting & obeying Him, which is a delight to do when we realise how wonderful He is.

God is so excited about what He has for us & longs to show us & teach us many things & to see the joy & excitement on our faces.  This is His great delight as our perfect Daddy.   He looks upon us with great joy & a huge smile on His face & with deep love in His eyes.

He wants to teach us how to rely on Him, & how to draw from His strength & to grow & overcome.

“Missing God” in the Basics : What Jesus accomplished for us on the Cross.

He wants us to understand what our Salvation really means & all it entails.  He wants us to understand, enjoy & flourish in who we now are as a New Creation… learning how to now live out to the full who we now are in Christ.   We are not the same person that we were when we were lost, nor are we different because we’re better behaved & have a ticket to heaven.   We are a NEW CREATION – a different person, & Daddy-God wants us to learn what that means in every way.   We are now kings & priests in Christ.   We are now part of the Royal Family, with authority to rule & reign with Jesus as kings under the King of kings. This is an awesome revelation & responsibility.   So, we need a willingness on our part to have our concepts & thought processes exchanged…… not just modified!

(I also have a site on Spiritual Warfare prophetic words – http://www.propheticteaching.net ,   as well as another site which is the same as this one except it does not have media capability (video/audio)  – it is http://www.endtimesprophecies.org  .  I have 2 similar sites with different names to make it easier for people to find a combination of Prophetic Words, Prophetic Teaching & End Times Prophecies, no matter which one they are searching for in the search engines.) )

God’s blessings in Abundance to you!!!   Susie Whitney
Copyright © SusieWhitney PropheticTeaching333. You may copy this to share in its entirety provided you do not use it for commercial use or alter it. (incl name, website & Copyright).
“Call to me & I will answer you & tell you great & unsearchable things you do not know.” (Jeremiah 33:3)


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