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“I WILL CAPTURE THEIR HEARTS IN FULL!” Prophetic Word by Susie Whitney

“I came to set the captives free. They will know My Name & My transference of power that will shield them! There will be an outrage against My people who will be scolded & reviled for the interruption of the plans of darkness but I will keep My own in the palm of My Hand … Continue reading

“SOUND THE ALARM! BLOW THE TRUMPET! THE KING OF GLORY COMES!” Prophetic Word (& Testimonies) by Susie Whitney

(The message under the Prophetic Word is now rewritten & much shorter) PROPHETIC WORD: “Sound the alarm!  Blow the trumpet, for the King of Glory comes & shines His glory upon us!   The mountains & the hills will melt like wax before Him!   He is the Deliverer.   He is majestic! He will … Continue reading


This is a short excerpt of a previously posted Prophetic Word: “I Am only now beginning to bring forth a full Awakening into the hearts & minds of all mankind, & the harvest will be great as I meet My Bride in the air as She carries Herself with the dignity & honour that I Myself … Continue reading

“DREAM- RELEASE YOUR FEARS INTO MY HANDS.” Prophetic Word for 2012, 2013+ by Susie Whitney

DREAM with MESSAGE & PROPHETIC WORD: DREAM:  I woke this morning from a dream where the last thing I heard was Matthew 7:10 before the Lord woke me.  He is revealing that the message of Matt 7:10 is one we MUST keep in our hearts at this time & in the times ahead to encourage & … Continue reading

“OUR SHEPHERD’S CARE IN THE COMING STORMS” Prophetic Word by Susie Whitney

“Sing in triumph, for the Lord our God is mighty & able to release the fullness of His great power upon the earth. He who is ‘One’ will not forget his promises of outpouring. He will not disregard His own Words of truth & justice. He who will release His power says this:- I will … Continue reading

“RESTORATION & SIGNS & WONDERS UPON THE EARTH” Prophetic Word by Susie Whitney

“Come up here, says the Lord.Come up here! Come up here & I will remove the shackles from your hands & the fetters from your feet. I will forget you no more in your destitution of heart & sense of alienation. I will cover you with My wings & will put My Angels around you. … Continue reading


“I will shine My light on the wounded & broken who will turn to Me in their times of trial. I will shake the very foundations of this world. There will be chaos, & the insignia of the enemy will be ruthlessness & it will bring great fear, hopelessness & despair. I will set protection around … Continue reading

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