Great Ministries


THE FINAL QUEST    by Rick Joyner   (Book 1 of series)  (For Mature Christians Only)

THE CALL   by Rick Joyner   (Book 2 of series)    (For Mature Christians)

THE TORCH & THE SWORD    by Rick Joyner    (Book 3 of series)   (For Mature Christians)

MASTER POTTER (Series of 2 books)   by Jill Austin   (These are Brilliant!!!!!)

THE STRONGHOLD OF GOD     by Francis Frangipane

THIS DAY WE FIGHT     by Francis Frangipane    These 2 books together give a great balance of resting in Christ & the need for Warfare.

 Bill Johnson’s books.

Rick Joyner’s other books

Chuck Pierce’s books.

Graham Cooke’s books

Steve Sampson teaches brilliantly on Jezebel & Ahab Spirits in books.   Jezebel & Ahab effect everyone.


“GOD TV”   (   Many great prophetic & teaching/preaching ministries & Conferences!  

“Its Supernatural” – Sid Roth  (       (Sid interviews Christian leaders who have had extraordinary supernatural encounters with God & who walk in the supernatural realm of God, & they share with him what they have learned & experienced). Extremely faith building & eye-opening to tune every Christian into the supernatural realm of God.  Done in very interesting & entertaining way!



TERRY BENNETT –  I just added this Prophet to my list as I feel his messages from the Lord are the most important messages of great depth out there.  I only recently learned of him & found that when listening to him speak that he clearly is speaking from the heart of God which he encountered in his supernatural heavenly experiences with the Lord.       Those who are looking for the things of God instead of for the reality & person of the Lord Himself will find many of Terry’s preaching messages boring (except when he speaks of angelic encounters etc), but those of us who have encountered Jesus in great depth know that Terry Bennett has been with Jesus & is speaking from what the Lord has made clear to him to share.       Terry’s messages from the angel Gabriel about coming trials & the need to lay all down & to know Jesus well are spot-on.   He has been shown (but in far greater detail) numerous things that the Lord has told me & shown me in many dreams & visions over the past 30 yrs that the vast majority of western christians have so far refused to listen to, so I am greatly encouraged by this man’s ministry & that some people are beginning to listen to what their flesh doesn’t want to hear! 

LARRY RANDOLPH – A wonderful prophet, a very mature & humble man, very real, great depth of walk with God. Very much outside the box.  Very funny in many of his messages!  Powerfully inspirational by taking you into the heavenly realm & into the Arms & Life & Power of God when he shares about his relationship & encounters with God. Larry is very real & honest about his own failings, struggles & weaknesses to help us lay down the many ridiculous social & religious expectations we have put on ourselves (& others) so we can know we are loved & safe & can laugh at ourselves despite our struggles!  EVERYBODY SHOULD BUY HIS MP3 DOWNLOAD Series titled “Breaking through the Dead Zone” esp the message “The Weariness Barrier” (CLICK HERE to watch) “The Lazarus Experience”, (CLICK HERE to watch.) I downloaded them both off youtube onto 1 of my sites.. 

 BILL JOHNSON – Wonderful & very important revelations & teachings of great depth taught clearly. Many get physically healed in his meetings. (Brilliant Books too)

JOHN PAUL JACKSON – Amazing Prophet who shares about his many encounters with God & that that which the Lord has revealed to him about future events in the world. He is also a great teacher/preacher. Very easy to listen to & learn from!
DUTCH SHEETS – Apostle – A Gentle teacher but also a passionate preacher. Great teaching & heart & tuned into God. Great depth & insight! Often ministers with Chuck Pierce.

PAUL KEITH DAVIS – Deep walk with God, Very humble with great teaching of great depth & maturity.
RYAN WYATT – Prophet/Preacher – Great supernatural revelation that stirs up the fire of God within us!

JOHN KILPATRICK – Great & mature preacher with much depth & knowledge who speaks on topics too often neglected by others!

PATRICIA KING – Wonderful Prophetic ministry with great insight & the heart of God!
BOBBY CONNOR – Prophet who is light-hearted but gives solid teaching mostly given through his many testimonies of supernatural encounters!

GRAHAM COOKE – Prophet/Preacher. Very much outside the box.. Will challenge any religious spirit on you & will cause any bit of pharisee that is still in his listeners to be exposed! Very confrontational but also very funny as he causes Christians to re-evaluate what we really believe as he shows us another way of looking at things from outside of the traditional boxes of understanding. He causes us to think about what we believe & why, even if we decide we may not agree with him on some things, but much of his revelation on what living out of grace really is needs to be heard.

CHUCK PIERCE – Amazing intense Prophet (many great books & preaching).


HEIDI BAKER (Missionary/Healings & Miracles. Mother to thousands previously orphaned), PATRICIA KING (Prophet/Preacher who also Ministers on the Streets to the broken), LARRY RANDOLPH (Prophet/Preacher) & STACEY CAMPBELL (Prophet/Preacher).


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