The Story First   (followed by the 5 poems)

In December 2006 the Lord mercifully intervened in an agonising & desperately lonely time in my life.     He came in a way He’d never done before……. in the midst of the suffocating darkness He spoke, saying:

     “Today we are going to write some poetry!”  

I hadn’t heard His voice for months in the midst of this torturous time, yet suddenly He came.  He completely took over to nurse me as I was simply too weak physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually to function, think, hope or even feel anything.  I was like the living dead, for I was totally & utterly broken.

By the mighty power of God’s Hand I suddenly found myself getting out of my sickbed & walking down the hall to the computer.  Though my mind was blank I sat down at the computer with a strange supernatural knowing that God was somehow going to cause poetry to flow through me.  I had decades earlier once attempted to write a poem but was totally incapable of doing so, but this time God was going to do it through me, though I didnt even have the strength to consider why He was doing this.     I was like a little broken puppy being carried by Him after having been run over continually on the highway of life.

As soon as I sat down at the computer, the words flowed forth in one poem after the other.    In the first poem I found that the Lord was giving me the words to express what the cries & fears were in my heart so it could dare to awaken, because I had shut down so badly that i didn’t even know what I felt any more.     As these words came forth the chains that had been wrapped around my soul began to become loose, & suddenly by the end of this first poem my heart was able to dare to believe that God was there & cared.    I suddenly cried out in great groanings & wept from the depths of my heart as the flood of pain finally began to be released from within.

Each poem progressively opened my heart….. from initially being enabled to release pain & fear & then to gain increasing revelation & hope as each poem progressed until I was no longer locked in but had begun to walk forward into this new hope in increasing measure.

   Did the many intense ongoing storms in my life suddenly go away?  No, though we experienced some amazing miracles & some wonderful breakthroughs over time, but some situations became worse before deliverance came & other storms still rage above my family’s life today but God has been teaching me how to stand & fight to overcome &  take back all that has been stolen from us.   Over time I will continue to share many of the hundreds of Prophetic Words that taught & encouraged me in how to do this. Deliverance & healing will come in those areas too, but at that time our faithful God came & stilled the inner storms & again I could run into Him as my shelter & refuge, & know peace!

May this help unlock any brokenness in your heart in Jesus mighty Name:

1)  Whispers of the Heart

Do I dare hope?
Do I dare desire?
Do I dare long & cry out for what is deep in my heart?

Am I allowed a voice?
Is my cry allowed to be heard?
Would it be just a screech in the dark?

Will anyone listen?
Will anyone care?
Will an ear lean down from the heavens & take note?

Shattered & broken
Barely able to feel, to hope, to believe
Yet my heart still ever so faintly whispers its cries.

Though still afraid to dare to hope……
Yet He has heard my cry….. & is answering!
Yes!   My God cares for the whispers of my heart!

Susie Whitney
Copyright © SusieWhitney PropheticTeaching333

2)    Awaken, My Heart.

The heart can say a thousand words
that no human tongue can utter.
The heart can see with dreams & vision
that no natural eye can bestow.
The heart can cry out with longings so deep
that no ocean can compare.
So awaken, my heart!  Awaken!
Sing your song, your hope, your dream.
Awaken from your slumber
And dare to hope, to long, to believe!

Susie Whitney
Copyright © SusieWhitney PropheticTeaching333

3) New Beginning

A new horizon
No shame
No fear
No trepidation.

A new day
New hope
New vision
New expectation.

A new path
No yesterday
No turning back
No lies of the past.

A new identity
A child of today
A child loved & accepted
A child not forsaken.

At peace
Resting in being worth loving
Resting in being precious, unique & irreplaceable
Resting in the freedom to fail.

Susie Whitney
Copyright © SusieWhitney PropheticTeaching333

The reviving in the deep parts of my heart had begun & the following 2 poems more simply expressed what I could now see had happened & how I could move on.

4) Lost and Found

Running, running,
Shadows chasing,
Darkness suffocating,
Lost my way.

Stumbling, falling
Heart recoiling
Fog descending
Death creeping in.

Jesus’ love residing
Heaven still shining
Caring & smiling
His Hand moves in!

Voices dimming
Darkness fleeing
Shadows receding
Struggles ceasing.

River flowing
Streams of life
Washing, healing
Making it right.

Susie Whitney
Copyright © SusieWhitney PropheticTeaching333

5) Maturing Heart

Beating out a new tune.

Not delaying
Nor decaying.
Making its personal debut.

Holding to truth.

Loving me, loving you.

Reaching out to the new.

Never subdued.

Susie Whitney
Copyright © SusieWhitney PropheticTeaching333

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Susie Whitney    &
Copyright © SusieWhitney PropheticTeaching333. You may copy this to share in its entirety provided you do not use it for commercial use or alter it. (incl name, website & Copyright).
“Call to me & I will answer you & tell you great & unsearchable things you do not know.” (Jeremiah 33:3)

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