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“DREAM- RELEASE YOUR FEARS INTO MY HANDS.” Prophetic Word for 2012, 2013+ by Susie Whitney


DREAM:  I woke this morning from a dream where the last thing I heard was Matthew 7:10 before the Lord woke me.  He is revealing that the message of Matt 7:10 is one we MUST keep in our hearts at this time & in the times ahead to encourage & strengthen us knowing that the shakings have begun & will continue to grow in intensity.     The Lord wants this simple scripture brought to your attention because as the shakings increase these are the things He knows we will need to be reassured of, so as to not be overcome by the enemy’s lies to bring fear & confusion.     I will firstly explain what the Lord was showing me prior to the dream about some visions, followed by a Prophetic Word, before I talk about the scripture He spoke to me in the dream. .

MESSAGE:  Last night before I went to sleep I felt led to share just 2 small visions of future shakings coming (details below) but I felt a very strong concern that with the growing awareness of such things that there has been an increasing fear about the future beginning to burrow its way into the hearts of many of God’s people.    This is especially so as many have been going through many intense trials & have felt much pain & so are struggling to believe that God will not only provide for them but especially that He will protect them in the future, especially fearing that their future will be only trauma & suffering ahead which is not true, for it will be a glorious time even when intense shakings come.      There is even a concern in the back of many Christian’s minds that truly moving forward with God will put them even further into the middle of intense trials & will only bring greater suffering for them, but He wants to remove this fear & confusion & He is encouraging us & He says to you:

PROPHETIC WORD:      “DO NOT FEAR, but look to Me at all times & seek for My understanding.  I will not forsake you.  Come & let Me pour out My Spirit upon you & fill you to overflowing!   Come into My Carriage & let Me carry you & anoint you with My Oil & you will flourish in My care.   I am doing a new thing throughout the Earth……  I am awakening hearts & minds to the ways of My Spirit.     I am seeking disciples… sons & daughters who know their God & who will travel with Me….. who will know how to be still before Me & rest in My Victory & care.   I will awaken every heart that is hungry & thirsty for My righteousness & they will be filled.   Lean into Me & you will know My Heart & you will not be afraid for I am your Counsellor & Friend.    Let Me saturate your soul.     Be refreshed in My Presence & know that I am the Caretaker of your soul.   Awaken from regret!   Arise & awaken from torment & shame!   Draw from Me & let Me lift your countenance.  

 Separate your heart unto Me for I am the Shepherd of your soul.   Hear me calling your Name & run no longer into despair & torment for I am your God & your King.    I am your Abundance & Deliverance!    Run no more to other gods for comfort, for I alone am your Safe Place.   Dare to come & find My way of peace in the midst of the storms & you will flourish!   Release all into My Care.  I do not seek to harm you, but to free you from all that has held you bound as it has captured your heart away from Me.  Will you come?  Will your draw near to Me?   Come My Child.   I have heard your cries….  release your fears into My Hands, & yourself into My care….. come & rest in My Arms of Love.   Laugh & dance & sing!   Rejoice with a heart of thanksgiving for I am your Freedom & I will accomplish all I have set out to do & you will know Me as your Healer & your Great Delight!” 

The Lord has given us this scripture to hold onto to remind us that He will only give us good things & never bad things because He loves us!


“(Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone? – vs 9)

Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? (Matthew 7:10)

Vs 10 was given because it is not just the fear of needs not being met (as referred to in vs 9), but specifically the fear of asking for a need to be met only to receive something terrible instead, because dread of the future has began to grip some hearts.


  For some this fear is thinking that moving forward with God will bring only great suffering because they have already known much unnecessary trauma, but the Lord is actually using the shakings to burn out the dross that has held us bound & self-absorbed, so as to bring us into freedom from lack & unnecessary suffering by growing us into fullness in Him.          God wants us to know the joy of walking with Him undeterred & of fulfilling our purpose.       He wants us set free from all the wrong teaching & from not understanding His Heart & ways.     He wants us to begin to walk in the victory & promises He has given us instead of in lack & loss & sorrow.      God’s people have barely understood our royal position as beloved children of God & also our legal position & authority in Christ & so have suffered unnecessary loss, fear & shame.    

  Many have not understood that certain shakings must & will come to shake us free from all these things that have held us bound, so the shakings are definitely not to harm us, but to help us.   Fear is holding those back who do not understand that though the times will be dark on the earth, that the brilliance of God’s light for us, in us & through us will be far more intense than the darkness around about us.  


 Vs 10 is to let us know that when we ask for necessities & good things (a fish), then no matter what we see happening around us that God has not forsaken us & given us a snake instead.   Rather, these times are to set us free from being enslaved to the ways & thinking of this fallen world.  


  Satan uses confusion to bring fear, but God does not want us ignorant because then we cannot become confused & therefore afraid, for God is speaking loudly & clearly to remind us that He is good & there is nothing to fear!

Our faithful God is using all difficulties & shakings to cause us to run into Christ & learn how to draw from His strength & to stand… no longer accepting the enemy’s interventions & no longer using carnal weapons.    The shakings will give us increasing opportunities to lay every idol down that has held us in bondage, so we will find our wonderful Lord in fullness.        Sadly most of God’s people have become far too accepting of the world’s thinking & ways as though they are ‘normal’, but we must learn the ways of freedom & stand strong in Christ to be set free from all forms of bondage which have eclipsed our hearts from God’s light.

The following 3 small excerpts from some other Prophetic Words reveal our future beautifully:-

Let not the shocks & tremors on the earth’s surface frighten you, for I am rearranging the things of this world so that My people will come into alignment with Me & My purposes.
Come & live on higher ground so that you might rise above the hungers & lusts of the flesh, & do not forsake the meal that I have laid before you, by replacing it with the taste of fleshly desires. Be not tempted to taste of things of the world so as to quench your hunger for Me. Be diligent & do not take lightly the things I show you. Rise & eat of the delights that I alone can put before you. Fill your heart with the pleasures of My heart & not the pleasures of man.   Let your hearts not be troubled or dismayed when you see the shifting of sands, for this must surely come to pass.” (Excerpt from “FLY LIKE AN EAGLE – ABOVE THE STORMS & SHAKING”)

“I will make the way for those who are willing to run with Me. There is nothing unavailable to those who run by My side & who will be My quartermasters.   I have much to teach you, so remain hungry so I might fill you to overflowing, for I Am not one who is adequate, but far greater than you can think or imagine.   I love to reveal My Heart & ways to those who are willing to be ready to conquer & be unconquerable in Me. These are My champions!…….          The world as you know it is about to change & you must hear Me clearly so as to know which way to step & which turn to make.   I must be your ‘Way’.    Know me as your only familiar way, for all that you have known before will not be as you will know it to be.    You cannot follow the old familiar paths, but only follow me.   You cannot rely on what you think you know.   You must learn what it is for Me to be your Way, your Truth & your Life, for all other ways & paths will only lead you astray & into unnecessary trauma.   Be not afraid as you put your hope in Me for I Am your Light to shine on your path.” (Excerpt from “ISRAEL JEALOUS. THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO CHANGE”)

“Expect great things.  Expect miracles & shakings.  Expect the rumbles throughout the Earth which are birth pangs for the deliverance of My Earth is near.   I have set the stage & the Earth will tremble & I will accomplish all I have set out to do, so make the way in your heart to expect, & to watch for what I Am doing throughout the Earth.” (Excerpt from “OUTPOURING COMING – EXPECT MIRACLES & SHAKINGS”)

The 2 Visions I posted last night which caused the Lord to give me this Dream were  (“PROPHECY – VISION OF FUTURE WAR & Prophetic Word”, & also “PROPHECY -VISION OF BOMBING BURNING ENTIRE CITY”)

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“Call to me & I will answer you & tell you great & unsearchable things you do not know.” (Jeremiah 33:3)

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I post Prophetic Words God spoke to me to see His people know Him intimately & to walk in His love, freedom, authority & supernatural power....... with Jesus & His Cross always remaining the centre! Jesus says:- "I am your Shepherd & you must learn to take your privileged position. You have been given the Kingdom & you rule & reign with Me & are seated in heavenly places with Me. You help run My kingdom as My ambassador & as part of the Royal Family. Rule well over all the land & territory that I have given you. Speak forth My decrees for the land, & then stability will reign. Put on My kingly robes which are My righteousness & rulership extended to you. I took back the Kingdom & gave it back to My people to rule over with Me. You share in My authority & bequests. (bequests – that which is handed down to another by law). You drink from the royal cup & you eat from the royal plate. This is your position!" (Excerpt from “NO HIDING – STAND & FIGHT. HEAVEN’S COURTROOM DECREE” )

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