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“THERE IS NO POWER GREATER THAN MINE” Prophetic Word by Susie Whitney

“Do you think I’ve forgotten my intentions & your needs & desires?  Put your hope in Me. Your way cannot be barred with Me! I am extravagant in My ways & will establish you in every area to which I have called you! Seek Me & I will be found. Loose the chains that bind … Continue reading

“I WILL LEAD YOU THRU EACH STORM” Prophetic Word by Susie Whitney

“Never look back! Sharpen your sword… know My Word so that it is always fresh in your mind. Be fervent in your love for Me & be saturated in My love. Endure in the race. Do not be half-hearted & complacent. Remember that I am your shield & fortress & I will watch over you. I … Continue reading

“RISE & LIVE – MOVE FORWARD” Prophetic Word by Susie Whitney

Do you know Me? Yes! – then believe! Take hold of My truth & not the shovel to dig up the past – digging up death. Let it remain where it belongs… in the grave. Arise and live! Live out your baptism… My resurrection Life. You are not dead! You are raised from the dead … Continue reading

“UNDERSTANDING & GUIDANCE” Prophetic Word by Susie Whitney

“When you gave Me your heart I took it & furnished it with My affection, unceasing love & ordinances. I am establishing My throne in your heart. My love does not fade or deteriorate – nor does my power! Will you trust Me? Will you allow Me to venture forth on your behalf ? – for … Continue reading


“You need to accept your new identity in Christ by having a heart of fire that cannot be extinguished by phantoms. I am taking you an octave higher… high above what you have known & scheduled into your understanding. Seek Me first. Put your right hand in mine & together we will explore the Mountain … Continue reading

“LET GOD PAINT THE LANDSCAPE OF YOUR LIFE”. Prophetic Word & Vision by Susie Whitney

Jesus woke me & spoke a short Prophetic Word, then took me into a powerful vision, & then spoke again in a 2nd Prophetic Word to complete this encouraging revelation of His mighty & loving Hand upon our lives: 1st PROPHETIC WORD:- “Your life makes no sense to you & you feel lost as though … Continue reading

“DO NOT BE PASSIVE – YOU ARE WORTH MORE!” Prophetic Word by Susie Whitney

“You have been given the authority & ‘go ahead’ from Me to fight & win in My Name. Do not lay down & accept less than the dream I placed in your heart – anything less is agreeing with the enemy & letting him steal it & passively accepting this, – but no more! Do … Continue reading

“ADVENTURE OF LOVE WITH ME” Prophetic Word by Susie Whitney

“I’m always with you. I cherish you My precious child. My couch is always here for you. Ha ha! (He gently chuckled in intimate way, referring to our visits to Him as Counsellor). As you run the race, don’t you know I run with you? You never run alone – over every hurdle… over every … Continue reading

“MY PEOPLE WILL BE FREE INDEED.” Prophetic Word by Susie Whitney

“The people of God will be free indeed! There will be no more stumbling, & falling over the same old torments, but they will shelter in the Love of The Most High!  I Am the Great I Am, & My people will no longer be held in bondage to sin & fear as this New … Continue reading


 “Where the leaves have fallen & become dry & crackly I will send Rain!  Watch & see the transformation upon your lives & disposition! I will send Rain! I will quench the fiery darts of the enemy & will bring release & fullness & power!  Maintain a vigilant prayer life & intention of heart to seek … Continue reading

STRATEGIC DECREE OF VICTORY & TRUTH. Prophetic Word by Susie Whitney

This Prophetic Word was incorrectly titled as a decree but its really a declaration so I had to change its name. Please click here for this Prophetic Word or go to “GOD’S STRATEGY – WARFARE DECLARATION OF VICTORY & TRUTH” on this site. Thankyou!

“FLY LIKE AN EAGLE – ABOVE THE STORMS & SHAKING” Prophetic Word by Susie Whitney (Sue Whitney)

Fly like an eagle!   Fly like an eagle!  Fly like an eagle!   This is the gathering of my eagles in the cleft of the rock. I have brought you here to come & see that which I want to show you from the eyes of the eagle. Rise above the storms. Glide above … Continue reading

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