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DAYS OF FIRES WINDS & RAINS - UNDERSTANDING THE TIMES (Series). Prophetic Words, DREAMS & VISIONS, End Times - SHAKINGS, OUTPOURING & Coming HARVEST Prophetic Words, God's Church - Prophetic Words of a GOOD FUTURE

“EXPECT MIRACLES, WINDS, RAIN, FIRE & GOD’S RIVER TO FLOW. Prophetic Words & Visions by Susie Whitney

Below is Part 2 in the series ‘UNDERSTANDING THE TIMES – THE DAYS OF FIRES, WINDS & RAINS’, which this time consists of two very small Prophetic Words,  & then 3 visions I saw yesterday about the coming Rains of God. The 1st vision is about the 1st Rain coming soon, & the other 2 visions reveal a lovely glimpse of the freedom & breakthrough it will bring.  These particular Prophetic Words & visions are very short & very simple without all the powerful detail of all the other Prophetic Words on this site, but even still I decided to post them to give a basic but important & encouraging picture.

(To read each Part in the Series go to the Category “DAYS OF FIRES WINDS & RAINS – UNDERSTANDING THE TIMES (Series)” or click here.     This series is made up of numerous Prophetic Words for 2013+ spoken by the Lord to teach us about what He is doing & why & how He will be using Fires, Winds & Rains etc (literally & spiritually) in increasing intensity as outpourings of blessing, & also as shakings to bring discipline & sobering to His Church & to the world.  Whether seemingly negative or positive, all these elements are being released to correct, sober, strengthen, empower & free us into the fullness of the Lord!)

The 1st Prophetic Word below reveals yet again that shakings will continue & grow in intensity throughout the earth in the coming years.  The Lord is referring to these shakings as “Fire” because He is using them to not only warn but also to purify & burn the dross out of people’s lives. The 2nd Prophetic Word posted below speaks of the Wind, River & Fire of God that are empowering & refreshing moves of His Spirit that are coming,         These will be followed by the 3 visions.


“I chasten My own because of love, but the fire that will burn will be to find those who will flee from sin & run to Me.

I will shake the foundations of the earth & it will be the time of decision – the time to turn & to believe.     The fire will be hot & will burn!” 


“Miracles are more than possible!   You should expect them when you have a need.
Enter My Joy!     Enter My Rest!    Enter My Abode of the miraculous!
Do not shrink back!    Expect My Wind to come, & My River to flow in your midst, for My purposes are multiple for I Am merciful & I love to release My Power to reveal My glory & goodness.   Keep it in your heart that I Am Noble in character, & Mighty in deed.   I will awaken every heart that seeks Me.

I then immediately heard the Lord singing part of an old song except that He changed one word in the song.   I heard being sung:- “The Fire of God has consumed me…. it burns within my soul…. a Mighty Force that cannot be moved…… a Fire that cannot be quenched.”

He then immediately said:-

“You will know this Fire!  Come & breathe Me in & absorb My Life & Wholeness.”

3 VISIONS – About A Coming Spiritual Rain:

VISION 1  –  Only yesterday (Feb 19th 2013) as I was looking out over the ocean I suddenly saw a vision of Rain coming over the ocean & heading towards where I was sitting with 2 friends.   I saw that this Rain was a move of God coming towards us that was not far away & will be the first of many more obvious Rains of God that will increase over time in frequency & intensity until there will later be very intense downpours & eventually great torrents & floods of God’s Spirit released.       It impacted me so that I could suddenly not speak for I was overwhelmed with emotion.     Though every prophetic person knows that when the Lord reveals that something will happen soon that it can still be 10 years away but I felt that this Rain I was seeing was very close & almost upon us not only in my local area (NSW Coast Australia), but also in many areas all over the world that like my area have been very dry spiritually.   This Rain will soften the dry & crusty areas of our hearts & so move us deeper into the Heart, ways, things & power of the Lord.  

VISION 2 – I then saw a vision of a previously very conservative Christian woman standing in deep fresh muddy water that was in the soaked wet grass after the Rain had come.  The mud was up past her ankles & she was making flowing dance-type movements with her body as she moved in the flow of the Spirit of God.  There was such a sense of freedom & refreshing in the atmosphere & a sense of cleansing from a stiff-necked religious mindset.  This mindset was symbolised in the vision as her previously wearing a ‘nice neat pair of shoes that were only suited to walking on neat man-made flooring’, but the Lord was now rejoicing as the woman took off her seemingly nice neat shoes (that represented a religious way of trying to walk with God) & she was dancing in the Lord’s Rain & all that came with it, including the thick muddy water.    It was similar to when country farmers excitedly welcome the desperately needed rain after a severe drought.  

 Many Christians who think they are walking a clean & neat Christian life will not realise they were even in a spiritual drought until after these more impacting Rains begin to fall, & then many will happily throw off their old shoes… their old walk with God… & will enjoy getting right into all that God is doing even though it will get messy & will not look ‘proper’ to the rigid religious mind.

VISION 3 I then saw a vision of a River where a very large timber dam had been built & had been standing for a very long time containing the River.   I then suddenly saw an increasing build up of water in the river which caused the River to overflow the top of the timber dam & then break down the dam wall until it was destroyed & the River began to flow freely.   This was as a result of the Rain, & the bursting of the dam wall revealed breaking through from the obstructions that have hindered God’s church in the past from the flow of God’s Spirit moving.   It was not by any means a great raging River at this stage, but a steady swelling of the River that built until it broke through the man-made barriers that previously held it back.   I believe this is what this next Rain will bring.

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“Call to me & I will answer you & tell you great & unsearchable things you do not know.” (Jeremiah 33:3)

About Susie Whitney

I post Prophetic Words God spoke to me to see His people know Him intimately & to walk in His love, freedom, authority & supernatural power....... with Jesus & His Cross always remaining the centre! Jesus says:- "I am your Shepherd & you must learn to take your privileged position. You have been given the Kingdom & you rule & reign with Me & are seated in heavenly places with Me. You help run My kingdom as My ambassador & as part of the Royal Family. Rule well over all the land & territory that I have given you. Speak forth My decrees for the land, & then stability will reign. Put on My kingly robes which are My righteousness & rulership extended to you. I took back the Kingdom & gave it back to My people to rule over with Me. You share in My authority & bequests. (bequests – that which is handed down to another by law). You drink from the royal cup & you eat from the royal plate. This is your position!" (Excerpt from “NO HIDING – STAND & FIGHT. HEAVEN’S COURTROOM DECREE” )


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