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“DREAM – DEMONIC ATTACKS! STAND & FIGHT & DO NOT GIVE IN” Prophetic Dream by Susie Whitney

Below is the Dream that I also previously posted with a powerful Prophetic Word about Spiritual Warfare. (click here to read both the Dream & the Prophetic Word also)


In the dream I was in a dark room that I lived in with other Christians. The room represented the limitations & lack of freedom & light that we lived in. We had lived in that dark room so long that we were unaware that it was dark. It was not pitch black & we could see where we were in the room, but it was still dark…. somewhat like the darkness of dusk immediately before total nightfall…. the type of darkness that a person’s eyes have to adjust to so as to just manage to get around & not bump into everything.

This room was one that we had lived in without leaving it or even considering the need to do so! This was our place of abode & we had accepted the very limited light we had there as being normal light, for we had all known total darkness before being Christians & so comparably this seemed really good!

Whilst going about my normal day in that room the Lord gave me an impacting revelation whereby I suddenly knew we were still in a lot of darkness & that we were not supposed to be. I also immediately had revelation that there was a door out of that room which I had never seen though it had always been there & I immediately knew where it was & that I was to leave that room through it. I suddenly knew that the wall near me in the room actually had a door in it, & it was right in front of where I was standing.

I also had immediate revelation that this door was locked but that it must open for me as I turned the door handle because I was a child of God & nothing had the right to remain locked against me because the Blood of Jesus was shed for me! There was simply no doubt in my heart & mind & I was resolute because of this revelation!

Immediately that I turned the door handle the door unlocked & opened, & the light that was outside was a breathtakingly pure, perfect & powerful light that would have been blinding to natural eyes. This light I looked into was in an unlimited space where there were no restrictions or walls. I could see that this powerful light was life & power & abundance.

I immediately went to step out of the room into the light, but as one foot touched the ground outside & my body leaned forward to move out of the room fully, suddenly 2 huge demons stepped in front of me to stop me. They had been leaning against the wall guarding the door from the outside to ensure no-one left the darkened room, with one standing either side of the doorway. They were huge & incredibly strong & muscular, with each of their extremely muscular arms being thicker than my entire body.

They both gripped me to throw me back into the room, but the same holy defiance was burning within me, knowing they had no right to do this & that I had more authority than them because of Christ in me, so I simply flicked my finger against their arms & they were thrown back about 20 metres (approx 20 yards) & went crashing to the ground! This did not surprise me at all, but what did surprise me was that they both immediately jumped back up & came charging back at me again to throw me back into the room.

Again I flicked each one just with my finger & again they were thrown back as though they had been knocked backwards by a train or a huge cannon, but this did not stop them & this same scenario continued again & again & again with no let up, & this continued for a ridiculously very long time. It made no sense to me! I kept flicking these huge powerful demons away with just one little finger, so it was clear that I was the one carrying the far greater authority each & every time, but I couldnt stop their efforts for they did not weary.

In fact, this battle made up almost the entirety of the dream which went for a very long time. It went on for so long that though I did not tire physically in any way because I was not fighting with any of my own strength, I was becoming incredibly bored & was just wanting them to stop so I could move on. I was not stressed at all, for I was moving in God’s strength but I really had no understanding of why they wouldn’t stop coming at me. I was starting to feel like there was a deadlock.

I’d been given a total revelation of who I was in Christ & who He was in me & how nothing had the right or authority to stand against Christ in me & so I’d expected the door to unlock & it had done exactly that, & when the demons gripped me I simply flicked them off like small bugs & expected just as confidently that then I would move forward into the fullness of what God had for me, so I did not understand how they could keep getting back up to throw me back into the dark room. It did not make any sense to me at all for I knew they had no authority to do so, yet they continued to do this & they refused to relent.

Though I had no intention of giving in to them I became frustrated with this ongoing battle, & as I wondered at it I clearly heard the Lord say:

“They will not give in until they know for sure that you will not give in!”

I was then woken by the Lord & gained increasing revelation of how the demons knew that though some might stand their ground & fight strongly for a while many would eventually give in out of frustration, confusion & weariness, so the demons persist until they are sure that we wont give in, & only then will they give up & leave & go & harrass someone else who will give in.  END

I do encourage you to read the Prophetic Word that I previously posted with this Dream as they enhance each other greatly! (click here to read)

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